Merchant Processing Solutions

As your trusted Solution partner, HASA’s team is ready to guide you through the process in choosing the correct solution for your business. We are a company that provides you with a POS system including Integrated Merchant Processing to give you an all in one approach, “Multiple Solutions, One Support”. Choose the HASA Solution (Including Credit & Debit Processing) and receive our feature rich Restaurant Manager software for no charge.

We not only provide the software, we include other services to support your business…

Shift 4 and RM Payments

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Standalone or Restaurant Manager Integrated Solutions

Most gateways’ regard for merchant type is based solely on whether their merchants’ transactions are card-present or card-not-present. At Shift4 Payments, we understand that your business is unique and we have the ability to offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Food & Beverage

From Anchorage to Nassau, in fast food or fine dining, Shift4 Payments is the gateway of choice for restaurateurs in North America and the Caribbean.

Shift4’s chain of Food & Beverage (F&B) clients cover everything from family-owned diners and fast food chains to gourmet restaurants whose chefs are household names. Why such success in the F&B arena? We understand the issues that you face in dealing with the payment process and we have tools uniquely designed to help you resolve them. Our Restaurant Manager and Shift 4 Solution helps you to focus on what you do best: serving your customers.


From marquee designer brands to one-off boutiques, Shift4 Payments provides solutions catered to the specific needs of retailers.

Speed, reliability, and security – three words every retail operation lives by. Luckily, those words just happen to be among Shift4’s strongest selling points. From our earliest days we have been the choice of marquee retails chains across North America. Why was our growth in the retail arena so rapid? Simple. We understand the issues that you face every day and we have tools uniquely designed to help you combat them. We are a one-stop shop for simplifying the payments process.

The Hotelier's Choice

From multi-national marquee brands to family-owned bed and breakfasts, we understand the needs of hospitality merchants.

Shift4 got our start in the Hospitality industry. From our earliest days, we have been the choice of marquee hotel brands from Montreal to Miami and beyond. Why was our growth in the Hospitality arena so rapid? We understand the problems that hoteliers face every day and we have tools to help them address these issues.


Combining the ease of a third-party solution with the customization and control of in-house, it’s no surprise that our e-commerce portfolio is rapidly expanding.

Reliability and security – two words every e-commerce operation lives by. They also describe Shift4’s e-Commerce solution. Whether you’re a “click-and-mortar” merchant supporting online (Web site) and/or onsite (kiosk, Software as a Service) transactions, we understand the issues that you face every day. We give you tools to simplify the payment process so that you can focus on your customers.

First Data Solution

Standalone or Restaurant Manager
Integrated Solutions

iCT250 SIPA Retail and Quick Service Semi Integrated Solution

Our countertop payment solution uses the semi-integrated payment application (SIPA) to provide you with the ability to integrate with your Point of Sale (POS)/ECR. SIPA protects against fraud and speeds up the payment process for both customers and clerks. Your customers can confidently pay knowing their card payment data is protected.

VX820 Duet Countertop Terminal

The VX 820 Duet all-in-one countertop payment solution will help you keep pace with changing payment types and ensure a speedy checkout process: an affordable solution that takes just a few minutes to setup. The terminal processes transactions quickly using a traditional telephone line or over the Internet (IP) with telephone backup. With dual-user functionality staff and customers alike will appreciate the ease-of-use, speed of processing and built-in security.

iWL250 Pay at the Table Semi Integrated Restaurant Solution

The iWL252 Bluetooth Short Range or iWL255 3G Long Range pay at table solution easily integrates First Data payment processing with any of our certified Restaurant Management Systems (RMS).

VX680 WiFi, Bluetooth or 3G Wireless Terminal

The portable, handheld VX 680 provides merchants with an innovative touch-screen interface that offers speedy payments which allows merchants to accept payments anywhere whether within their retail location, on their sidewalks and patios using WiFi or on the go using 3G networks

Mobile Pay Plus Solution

The complete mobile POS solution for Apple® and Android™ phones and tablets. With the Mobile Pay Plus application, running your business on-the-go is never a problem: everything you need to manage and grow your business in the palm of your hand

Universal POS Retail and Restaurant Solutions

First Data Canada and Universal POS have partnered to bring our customers an all in one solution. The Universal POS System is part of the HASA Solution as standalone or in combination with the VX820 Duet creating a semi-integrated solution

Virtual Terminal

With the First Data Virtual Terminal, merchants can accept card transactions without having to purchase POS terminals or other costly hardware or software. You can customize the First Data Virtual Terminal for your specific needs. Create unique merchant profiles, detailed reports and recurring payments


Our robust eCommerce solutions empower you to provide customers with a more satisfying shopping experience online. First Data provides everything you need to set up an online store and expand the reach of your business with global payments, mobile-ready checkout and comprehensive security.

Chase Paymentech Solution

Standalone or Restaurant Manager
Integrated Solutions

Ingenico IWL250

The Ingenico IWL250 is the perfect all-in-one solution for businesses on-the-go as it offers mobility and portability. With an integrated high speed printer and an integrated contactless reader, size is not compromised. This device is sleek and compact. Keep your business running with an optional car charger. This device is built for high-paced businesses and delivers a convenient user experience.

Ingenico ICT250

The compact Ingenico ICT250 terminal provides speed and reliability in fast-paced environments. It features a user friendly interface with a bright color screen display and a backlit keypad. It is also equipped with an integrated contactless reader to provide faster checkout and payment convenience for your customers.

Ingenico ICT220 with IPP320 PIN Pad

Ingenico ICT220 is a complete countertop payment solution that processes all major magnetic stripe and Chip and PIN debit and credit cards. With the latest technology, the ICT220 allows you to add payment options like gift card and contactless payments to help your business grow. The ICT220 is intuitive for your customers to use, making checkout quick and simple.