Universal POS provides a simple, affordable, and powerful “end-to-end” point of sale system offering inventory control and customer relationship management (CRM). Universal POS provides tightly integrated Debit/Credit processing with our First Data VX820 device providing you an all in one HASA Solution.

This high-performance system will help you manage your business, increase revenue and control costs. Its unique design allows it to be easily integrated into virtually any industry without sacrificing industry specific features.

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  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Aged Accounts Receivable

  • Complete Inventory Tracking with Full Purchase Orders

  • Reservation System

  • Gift Card Tracking

  • Unlimited Products, Departments, and Report Categories

  • Unlimited Discounts

  • Unlimited Domestic Currencies

  • Unlimited Foreign Currencies offering change in either foreign or domestic funds

  • 7 Tax Rates including VAT and Tax on Tax

  • Over 300 Built In Reports

  • Float Maintence

Integrated Devices

  • Credit and Debit Card (EMV)

  • Pay At The Table

  • Customer LCD or Pole Display Ready

  • Weigh Scale Interface

  • Barcode Label Printers for Product Tags, Shelf Talkers, and Shipping Labels

Convenience Store / Gas Station

Do you have a small convenience store or a quick food store at a gas station? This system will help you increase your profits and maintain a tighter control on your inventory and employees. A point of sale system is an easy way to improve your c-store’s profits.

One of the most important part of a point of sale system at a convenience store is speed and fast customer throughput. Customer want to come in and go out without waiting on lines. The less time they have to wait the more likely they will make a purchase.

Liquor Store

Use Universal POS in your wine or liquor store to sell products in-store, manage vendors, and automate purchasing.

Our retail POS solution features functionality designed specifically for the wine & liquor industry including age verification at checkout.

Clothing and Apparel POS

Keep track of detailed items, manage inventory and automate purchasing all from a centralized system.

Communicate with your customers to ensure effective marketing efforts and improve the customer retail experience.

Hardware / Lumber Store

The hardware retailer can benefit from Universal POS because it can assist in the management of a wide range of inventory while also facilitating custom service and design. It does more for hardware stores than just checking out customers. With the long list of inventory, ranging from tools to paints and cleaning products to electrical supplies, only Universal POS can effectively accommodate to the retailer’s need for real-time inventory, accurate maintenance of sales records, and multiple vendor management.

Grocery Store

Our retail point of sale solution features functionality designed specifically for the grocery industry including support for catering and bulk items stocked by weight.

Sporting Goods

Our Universal POS solution features functionality designed specifically for the sporting goods industry including support for items with three dimensions and team apparel ordering.


As a retailer, your goals are to drive sales, control operating costs and most importantly, run a profitable business. Universal POS offers the footwear industry a complete technology solution with retail software, hardware built specifically for the retail environments. Our retail POS solution features functionality designed specifically for the footwear industry including support for items with three dimensions.